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All other information is remaining the same. Our mailing address is below, but all phone numbers and contact information will remain the same.

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Thank you for your continued support and trust within the Lague Insurance Agency. We’re extremely excited about this new venture and look forward to our continued partnership.



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Why Is My Insurance Important?

I won’t name names, but insurance carriers have commoditized insurance in the 21st century. It has become all about the premium, and less about the service, the coverage, and the importance.

Why is your insurance important? Why would your insurance NOT be important is truly the better answer…but let’s discuss this.

Insurance is the platform of the middle class. Working people, hardworking people spend a lot of their time driving from point A to point B. This is windshield time, this is risk time. Being behind the wheel more often gives you a higher likelihood of being in an accident than someone who primarily drives to the grocery store and home. Some may argue that with more driving time you have more experience, and are therefore less of a risk…The issue isn’t you being a risk, not that accidents don’t happen, but the issue are the increase in drunk drivers, the increase in uninsured drivers (statistics show less responsible and more of an erratic driving style), the risks surround us. Being out in the world more, increases our likelihood of being in a major motor vehicle accident.

In 2017 Farmers Insurance paid out on AVERAGE $3 million dollars for every fatality.

In 2013 the CDC reported that in California alone $4.48 billion dollars were paid out in relation to motor vehicle accidents. Only a small percentage of these accidents were related to children and teens. 36% were results from adults driving.

What would you do without insurance if you caused or were a victim of a motor vehicle accident?

Are all insurance companies the same? The answer, NO!

Ask yourself, are all food brands the same? Clothing? Soap? Car manufacturers? ….Hands down, NO!

We are not apples to apples, or oranges to oranges…we are financial safeguards. Choose your company, and choose your agent wisely. They will be the gatekeepers to your future if you ever experience a claim of any sorts.

Insurance isn’t an item you can price shop. It isn’t like buying a Honda at a different dealership that will give you $200 bucks off…You aren’t getting a Honda from an off brand insurance company, you’re getting a knock off.

Why pay any money to a company that won’t be there for you in the end? Seems like an expensive piece of paper to put into your glove box.

Do your research on the company, know what coverage they can provide, what your agent will do for you in the event of a claim, and be coverage and quality focused.

Know the laws, if your insurance doesn’t have adequate limits in the event of a claim, you’re 100% liable for the excess damages.

That means wage garnishments up to 25%, asset levies, liens against your property, 401K and other retirement options garnished, even life insurance.

Instead of price shopping, quality and coverage shop, you’ll be surprised that you can purchase insurance for the right cost, and the right coverage.

Find an advocate, someone you trust to help you find an insurance plan that fits your life, not the other way around.



California lawmakers are working toward eliminating the ability of banks to bully consumers into arbitration following fraud on behalf of the financial institution. Did you know this was even a concern? That banks were actually allowed to force victims (their clients) into arbitration to avoid justice?

Well, due to the work of petitioners and consumer-rights advocates lawmakers have listened. Instead of filing class action lawsuits against the financial institution, which let’s face it, just puts lots of money in the attorney’s pockets…individual lawsuits could be legalized.

It is our right to a fair trial, correct? It’s our constitutional right for someone who offended us, stole, etc., to be prosecuted by the law.

Why has it taken this long for this topic to be broached?

Following last years Wells Fargo Scandal has led lawmakers to revising this legislation.

Insurance Journal Full Article

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day is one day out of the year that we all acknowledge our mom’s, grandmothers, and other motherly figures in our lives. We give praise and thanks for all the selfless efforts they have shown us throughout the years. The truth is, the job of a mother never ends. It continues throughout the life of the mother. It’s a long, tireless, selfless, and sometimes underappreciated job. One day a year we set aside to devote to our moms, we must make it one that counts!

Take a moment on Sunday, and perhaps a few moments each and every week, and thank your mom. Acknowledge their efforts, their love, and their sacrifices. While they did everything because they loved you, wanted you in their lives, it makes it all worthy for their love to be recognized.

Moms, congratulations on a job well done, to raising people you want to actually spend time with as adults 😉

Cheers to moms, cheers to your kids, and cheers to families all around the globe.

Moms, keep it up, women are pillars of strength, power, and compassion. Our lives are undoubtedly better because of you.

Everyday protect your loved ones, protect your families, and make sure your insurance coverage is accurate for your family. A mother’s job is never done, make sure your kids are protected. Talk to them about life insurance, talk to them about auto liability. It’s important, and it will keep them safe from financial ruin.

Gas prices to increase….$$

I attended the California Legislative Conference a couple months back. At that time legislators discussed various changes, bills, and dreams that they have of the future. One bill in particular, was to increase tax on gas by a whopping 30 cents a gallon to pay for California road repairs.

Well…it appears the day has come. That bill was passed. We have not seen a gas tax increase in 23 years, which I have to say is a long time for us (since when do we get away without tax hikes on an annual basis?). The lack of tax increases over the last two decades has put our state in a whopping $130 billion backlog in repairs and replacements of roads. This new tax increase is intended to garnish $5.2 billion annually in revenue to pay for road fixes throughout California. Do you foresee our California roads will soon be pothole free? Sinkhole free? Perhaps it’s in our foreseeable future to be driving toward California from the Nevada state line and not realize we switched into California, not for the lack of seeing the road sign, but because the difference in conditions of our roads aren’t so blatantly devastating.

While another tax, and increase in gas sounds horrible. It will come with benefit. If the tax is ACCURATELY used (I say this because wasn’t the $$ to fix the Oroville Dam Spillway repurposed for a train that still goes nowhere) we could have roads to commute on that don’t cause flat tires, broken windshields, and even car accidents. The demise of our state roads leads to vehicles losing control and people being injured or worse…

The debris the roads accumulates from broken pavement that fling up at vehicles and cause windshield/glass breakages, alignment issues, potholes that cause flat tires which lead to people losing control, or the horror stories we now hear about sinkholes needs to be rectified.

The benefits are great…where they are getting the money is a different story. I’m not writing to debate politics…there were other accounts these funds could have come from, including bonds for Gov. Jerry Brown’s train…

Regardless, this is what’s now happening.

On top of this, we can also expect an 80 cent gas increase come SUMMER. Yippie!! More good news…

When everything else around us is increasing sometimes we have to find things to save a little.

Contact my agency to discuss saving options on your insurance, we can find the gaps in coverage, and put your dollar to better use.


3 Men Killed In Highway 70 Car Wreck – Action News…Pedestrian stuck and killed…semi-truck driver killed…

3 Men Killed in Highway 70 Car Wreck
Pedestrian struck and killed on Highway 70 in Marysville
Semi-truck driver killed on I5 near Shata-Siskiyou


These are three headlines I’ve seen today…




My news alerts have been going off all day with various car accidents, injuries and fatalities. Distracted drivers, drivers under the influence, etc. are on the rise. Everyone needs to protect themselves from being responsible for a judgement in an accident and everyone needs to have proper uninsured motorist. It doesn’t matter how wonderful of a driver you are. State law stipulates that in a bodily injury accident you only have to be 1% at fault to potentially be responsible for 100% of the damages. Know your coverage, know you’re protected, and be defensive on the road. Stay safe everyone!

Action News Video

Always have a plan…

Wow, the last couple weeks have been a “reality TV” level of drama when it comes to news related broadcasts. From shootings, to laws, to bombings….the list just continues.

Lets take a minute and set aside the negative news headlines, pictures, videos, and overall blackhole and lets revel in our accomplishments and find comfort that in the future more will come. On April 11, 1970 Apollo 13 launched to the moon. Astronauts James Lovell, John Swigert, and Fred Haise were intended to be the next men to walk on the surface of the moon. An explosion riveted through the aircraft and closed the door on their exploration. Emergency protocols were enacted and the men had to make complex decisions in order to arrive safely to Earth. They relocated to a secondary area on board the spacecraft (LM). The CM, the area they originally were in, is what was intended to ferry the astronauts from Earth to the Moon. The oxygen in this area would have to be preserved because it was their entry back to Earth.

The crew had to ration water, had limited oxygen, and had 200,000 miles of space to navigate through.

The crew lost radio connection for several minutes after reentry to Earth’s atmosphere. Mission control feared there had been damage to the space shuttle, and feared the worst.

Four minutes past of radio silence and Apollo 13’s parachutes were sighted in the Pacific Ocean. All astronauts had safely navigated the many miles of space, survived 90 hours of limited oxygen, water, and survived.

Let it be a metaphor, that even during the most treacherous of situations, the only obstacle is self-defeat.

Working together, staying focused, and perseverance will get anyone through unfortunate times, struggles, frustration, and other life hurdles.

These men had a plan, they had a Mission control that they trusted, and knew what to do. In all matters of your life, utilize tools, people, and systems that you know and trust to take care of yourself and your family.

Protect your loved ones, protect yourself, protect your assets. No better way to maintain your current life than to input systems to safeguard you when situations arise.

Financially, insurance is the way to protect yourself and your family.

Make sure you have a plan B, to bring you safely back home.

Sacramento car accidents largest cause of death and injury

“Sacramento car accidents cause more injury, death, and economic loss than any other crime or civic issue

Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence in Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto. Many crashes are completely avoidable, caused by drunk drivers or distracted drivers. Whatever the cause, car accidents are a major safety and economic issue for these communities.” -accidentdatacenter.com

This is a scary thought because driving on the road is something we all do every single day, multiple times a day, and many of us travel many miles on our daily commute. 

When the odds are against us to be a victim of a fatal or vicious car accident we need to know our insurance company is there to defend you and take care of you. Do you feel your current carrier would be there for you? Do you feel you have substantial or adequate liability coverage? 

If your liability coverage is not adequate you’re at risk for a lawsuit that could jeapordize the equity in your home, your 401k, pension plans, life insurance, and quality of life. 

Just as you entrust an attorney to protect you in legal matters, or a doctor when your ill, find an insurance advocate that you trust to protect your assets, it’s just as important. 

Many of us feel insurance is a mandatory thing that is an annoyance, but really insurance could mean the difference between losing everything you own or keeping it and waking up tomorrow with your life being the same. 
How would you feel if you caused an accident or was a victim of one and your life changed tomorrow for the worse, and you have zero control over it? Who is going to pick up the pieces?

Are you an UBER Driver?

UBER, LYFT, all these “new” ways of transportation that make busses and taxis obsolete in this century come at a risk.

While this decreases the amount of vehicles we have on the road because of ride-sharing, which decreases the chances of accidents, deaths, and/or injuries, the driver is opening themselves up for a greater liability.

Your personal auto insurance most likely EXCLUDES ride sharing, which means when your UBER or LYFT app is turned on there is a gap in coverage. UBER and LYFT provide minimal insurance during the time period when your app is turned on awaiting a ride request, and the time you actually receive a ride request. Then the second the transaction is complete, your $1,000,000 liability coverage through UBER or LYFT decreases to $50,000 (which in many cases is extremely inadequate).

There are only a handful of insurance carriers out there that actually provide coverage during those “Period 1” gaps. Farmers is one of them, and our sister company, Bristol West is another.

Don’t leave yourself sitting, waiting for a lawsuit, protect yourself, your career, your future, your family and talk to an insurance advocate that understands the risk and knows what to do for you.

Save on your insurance, make Ride-sharing profitable for you, and do it with the protection you deserve!


UBER Insurance Information


No 2nd Chances


While life is full of second chances, death isn’t. Don’t get caught free-falling without life insurance.

Blunt…well yes. Life can be stressful, scary, wonderful, beautiful, frustrating, surprising, and full of twists and turns. There are only two things in this world I can guarantee will happen, taxes and death.

Life insurance is for your loved ones. It’s so that they don’t have to deal with the stress of finances when they are struggling with the loss of you. Be there for them, when you physically can’t.

Life insurance can also provide living benefits, it can fund your retirement, it can also be there for you during an illness when you need cash now.

Everyone should have life insurance, don’t wait, tomorrow never comes, and tomorrow is too late.