All the hideous things…

Phantom Falls.jpg

In today’s world you turn on the television, listen to the radio, scroll though Facebook, Instagram, read the headlines on your favorite news station…etc. and there are so many hideous events, things and words out in this world. From the most recent gun shooting, to political changes, to natural disasters. Sometimes you just need to see something beautiful. This photo was taken near Oroville, CA, where currently so many people are stressed, frightened, and unsure of what the foreseeable future may hold for their homes. While not much can diminish those emotions, sometimes it’s a good thing to soak in the beauty, taking a few moments each, and every day to relinquish some of that stress and enjoy the things in front of you.

Now, something that may lift some of the burden from your shoulders is the sense of confidence that you have in your insurance advocate. Do you have an advocate? Do you rely on a professional to protect your assets? You should…but not many do. MOST people don’t have the proper insurance coverage, and in the event of catastrophic events could be at a loss…and not just for words.

There are options out there to protect your financial status, your assets, your well-being, and your sanity. You just need to talk to the right person, who understand your needs, and can tailor coverage to your lifestyle. I can’t prevent accidents, catastrophes, shootings, political disagreements, natural disasters, etc.; but I can protect you from losing everything, I can guarantee you that in the instance of a covered loss we return you to the same financial place you were in…I can GIVE you SECURITY.

Let go of the burden, let yourself be free to see the BEAUTY and let me take care of the rest….