Pets are family too!

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“…your auto insurance may not cover injuries your pets endure due to an automobile accident…”


I’m an animal lover. I’ve had birds, cats, and dogs throughout my life. They are family. I currently have a lab, two toy fox terriers, and two boston terriers. I take them pretty much everywhere. I’ve flown on airplanes with them (in the cabin with me), they go camping, and four wheeling with me. They travel to the snow and run and play with other canine friends. I’ve taken them to the ocean, to the dessert, to different states, and have traveled in long car rides with them (over a 1,000 miles). My pups, are my family, and I care about protecting them as I would any two legged family member.

Farmers offers Pet Insurance through Pets Best. There are a multitude of options that can help with expenses acquired from vet bills due to accident/illnesses, to routine vet visits. For as little as $9/month you can rely on a policy to help with the unexpected and sometimes large veterinary costs. When your four legged family member gets sick or injured the last thing you want to be concerned about is cost. So why not have insurance to help with the financial burden.

You can’t always sock away enough cash to help pay for unexpected vet bills, Pets Best insurance helps alleviate the burden of the unexpected.

On another note, were you aware that your auto insurance may not cover injuries your pets endure due to an automobile accident?

Well, Farmers does!

How often does your pet ride in your car with you? I know mine do weekly, and I love that my fur babies are protected too.

“Household Pet coverage has been automatically included in the new California Personal Auto Policy, which provides coverage for household pet losses or injuries during comprehensive or collision losses.” – Farmers SPA

If you’d like to discuss your options, and what’s best for your pet, call me. We can find a plan that suits your pocket book, as well as protecting your four legged family member.

Your pet’s health is important too!