Things to do for Spring!

Spring is around the corner! Well, that’s what they say anyways…from the amount of rainfall we continue to have, I’m not sure if I believe them! Nevertheless, the season will come soon enough…

It’s time we start putting together our list of “Things-To-Do” for when the weather gets, well, less wet…

The high winds and heavy rain this winter have left a lot blown down fences, blown off roof shingles, yards full of leaves and other debris…and hopefully little to no water damage to your home and property.

It’s time we start compiling a list of things to fix, upgrade, or just nice/fun projects to improve your home.


Here is a small list I’ve comprised for you to give you a jumpstart!

Spring Cleaning



  1. Change your air filters
  2. Clean any mold in bathrooms from condensation and replace fans/exhausts if needed
  3. Replace any cracked caulk in showers, windows, etc.
  4. Check that your air conditioner is in good working order
  5. Check that all emergency systems: smoke alarm, carbon monoxide, etc. are in working order.


  1. Check/repair your fences
  2. Inspect your roof for loose/worn/lost shingles or tiles
  3. Inspect for any water damage
  4. Clean yard
  5. Remove any trees that are dead or sick
  6. Replant trees/flowers, etc.
  7. Replace any cracked caulk in roof of trailers/motorhomes, etc
  8. Power wash sidewalks/patios


This is just a list to spark ideas and make sure some of the necessities get taken care of. Spring is a beautiful time, and it’s nice to get outside and enjoy it.

On an important note! As our homes age, they need some TLC. After storms, and the winter we’ve had our neglected properties could use some good ‘ole tender loving care.

This spring should bring beautiful flowers and green grass, lets enjoy the beauty and add a little to our lives.