Are you an UBER Driver?

UBER, LYFT, all these “new” ways of transportation that make busses and taxis obsolete in this century come at a risk.

While this decreases the amount of vehicles we have on the road because of ride-sharing, which decreases the chances of accidents, deaths, and/or injuries, the driver is opening themselves up for a greater liability.

Your personal auto insurance most likely EXCLUDES ride sharing, which means when your UBER or LYFT app is turned on there is a gap in coverage. UBER and LYFT provide minimal insurance during the time period when your app is turned on awaiting a ride request, and the time you actually receive a ride request. Then the second the transaction is complete, your $1,000,000 liability coverage through UBER or LYFT decreases to $50,000 (which in many cases is extremely inadequate).

There are only a handful of insurance carriers out there that actually provide coverage during those “Period 1” gaps. Farmers is one of them, and our sister company, Bristol West is another.

Don’t leave yourself sitting, waiting for a lawsuit, protect yourself, your career, your future, your family and talk to an insurance advocate that understands the risk and knows what to do for you.

Save on your insurance, make Ride-sharing profitable for you, and do it with the protection you deserve!


UBER Insurance Information