Always have a plan…

Wow, the last couple weeks have been a “reality TV” level of drama when it comes to news related broadcasts. From shootings, to laws, to bombings….the list just continues.

Lets take a minute and set aside the negative news headlines, pictures, videos, and overall blackhole and lets revel in our accomplishments and find comfort that in the future more will come. On April 11, 1970 Apollo 13 launched to the moon. Astronauts James Lovell, John Swigert, and Fred Haise were intended to be the next men to walk on the surface of the moon. An explosion riveted through the aircraft and closed the door on their exploration. Emergency protocols were enacted and the men had to make complex decisions in order to arrive safely to Earth. They relocated to a secondary area on board the spacecraft (LM). The CM, the area they originally were in, is what was intended to ferry the astronauts from Earth to the Moon. The oxygen in this area would have to be preserved because it was their entry back to Earth.

The crew had to ration water, had limited oxygen, and had 200,000 miles of space to navigate through.

The crew lost radio connection for several minutes after reentry to Earth’s atmosphere. Mission control feared there had been damage to the space shuttle, and feared the worst.

Four minutes past of radio silence and Apollo 13’s parachutes were sighted in the Pacific Ocean. All astronauts had safely navigated the many miles of space, survived 90 hours of limited oxygen, water, and survived.

Let it be a metaphor, that even during the most treacherous of situations, the only obstacle is self-defeat.

Working together, staying focused, and perseverance will get anyone through unfortunate times, struggles, frustration, and other life hurdles.

These men had a plan, they had a Mission control that they trusted, and knew what to do. In all matters of your life, utilize tools, people, and systems that you know and trust to take care of yourself and your family.

Protect your loved ones, protect yourself, protect your assets. No better way to maintain your current life than to input systems to safeguard you when situations arise.

Financially, insurance is the way to protect yourself and your family.

Make sure you have a plan B, to bring you safely back home.