3 Men Killed In Highway 70 Car Wreck – Action News…Pedestrian stuck and killed…semi-truck driver killed…

3 Men Killed in Highway 70 Car Wreck
Pedestrian struck and killed on Highway 70 in Marysville
Semi-truck driver killed on I5 near Shata-Siskiyou


These are three headlines I’ve seen today…




My news alerts have been going off all day with various car accidents, injuries and fatalities. Distracted drivers, drivers under the influence, etc. are on the rise. Everyone needs to protect themselves from being responsible for a judgement in an accident and everyone needs to have proper uninsured motorist. It doesn’t matter how wonderful of a driver you are. State law stipulates that in a bodily injury accident you only have to be 1% at fault to potentially be responsible for 100% of the damages. Know your coverage, know you’re protected, and be defensive on the road. Stay safe everyone!

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