Gas prices to increase….$$

I attended the California Legislative Conference a couple months back. At that time legislators discussed various changes, bills, and dreams that they have of the future. One bill in particular, was to increase tax on gas by a whopping 30 cents a gallon to pay for California road repairs.

Well…it appears the day has come. That bill was passed. We have not seen a gas tax increase in 23 years, which I have to say is a long time for us (since when do we get away without tax hikes on an annual basis?). The lack of tax increases over the last two decades has put our state in a whopping $130 billion backlog in repairs and replacements of roads. This new tax increase is intended to garnish $5.2 billion annually in revenue to pay for road fixes throughout California. Do you foresee our California roads will soon be pothole free? Sinkhole free? Perhaps it’s in our foreseeable future to be driving toward California from the Nevada state line and not realize we switched into California, not for the lack of seeing the road sign, but because the difference in conditions of our roads aren’t so blatantly devastating.

While another tax, and increase in gas sounds horrible. It will come with benefit. If the tax is ACCURATELY used (I say this because wasn’t the $$ to fix the Oroville Dam Spillway repurposed for a train that still goes nowhere) we could have roads to commute on that don’t cause flat tires, broken windshields, and even car accidents. The demise of our state roads leads to vehicles losing control and people being injured or worse…

The debris the roads accumulates from broken pavement that fling up at vehicles and cause windshield/glass breakages, alignment issues, potholes that cause flat tires which lead to people losing control, or the horror stories we now hear about sinkholes needs to be rectified.

The benefits are great…where they are getting the money is a different story. I’m not writing to debate politics…there were other accounts these funds could have come from, including bonds for Gov. Jerry Brown’s train…

Regardless, this is what’s now happening.

On top of this, we can also expect an 80 cent gas increase come SUMMER. Yippie!! More good news…

When everything else around us is increasing sometimes we have to find things to save a little.

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