Why Is My Insurance Important?

I won’t name names, but insurance carriers have commoditized insurance in the 21st century. It has become all about the premium, and less about the service, the coverage, and the importance.

Why is your insurance important? Why would your insurance NOT be important is truly the better answer…but let’s discuss this.

Insurance is the platform of the middle class. Working people, hardworking people spend a lot of their time driving from point A to point B. This is windshield time, this is risk time. Being behind the wheel more often gives you a higher likelihood of being in an accident than someone who primarily drives to the grocery store and home. Some may argue that with more driving time you have more experience, and are therefore less of a risk…The issue isn’t you being a risk, not that accidents don’t happen, but the issue are the increase in drunk drivers, the increase in uninsured drivers (statistics show less responsible and more of an erratic driving style), the risks surround us. Being out in the world more, increases our likelihood of being in a major motor vehicle accident.

In 2017 Farmers Insurance paid out on AVERAGE $3 million dollars for every fatality.

In 2013 the CDC reported that in California alone $4.48 billion dollars were paid out in relation to motor vehicle accidents. Only a small percentage of these accidents were related to children and teens. 36% were results from adults driving.

What would you do without insurance if you caused or were a victim of a motor vehicle accident?

Are all insurance companies the same? The answer, NO!

Ask yourself, are all food brands the same? Clothing? Soap? Car manufacturers? ….Hands down, NO!

We are not apples to apples, or oranges to oranges…we are financial safeguards. Choose your company, and choose your agent wisely. They will be the gatekeepers to your future if you ever experience a claim of any sorts.

Insurance isn’t an item you can price shop. It isn’t like buying a Honda at a different dealership that will give you $200 bucks off…You aren’t getting a Honda from an off brand insurance company, you’re getting a knock off.

Why pay any money to a company that won’t be there for you in the end? Seems like an expensive piece of paper to put into your glove box.

Do your research on the company, know what coverage they can provide, what your agent will do for you in the event of a claim, and be coverage and quality focused.

Know the laws, if your insurance doesn’t have adequate limits in the event of a claim, you’re 100% liable for the excess damages.

That means wage garnishments up to 25%, asset levies, liens against your property, 401K and other retirement options garnished, even life insurance.

Instead of price shopping, quality and coverage shop, you’ll be surprised that you can purchase insurance for the right cost, and the right coverage.

Find an advocate, someone you trust to help you find an insurance plan that fits your life, not the other way around.


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