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Jillian Lague

Jillian Lague – Farmers Insurance is an agency devoted to advocating for their clients. Established in 2015 by Jillian Lague who was inspired to open the agency through her background in small medical practice management. She learned there the importance of consumers being given the knowledge about their insurance and understanding of how to protect themselves from liability.


This agency is founded on the premise of superior customer service, and advocating for the consumer. We work with our clients to better understand their assets and tailor coverage to protect them. Insurance is not a “cookie-cutter” system and we understand the value and importance in customizing coverage to protect you and your family.

Entrusting your insurance to Jillian Lague-Farmers Insurance Agency will secure your assets from financial ruin. The attention to detail, knowledge, and understanding of liability that this agency is comprised of will leave you with a better understanding of what you have, what you’re covered for, and a guarantee of proper coverage.
To feel secure and to better understand your insurance coverage Contact Us to develop a plan that suits you and your family’s needs.
We Look Forward to Working With You.
-Lague Insurance Agency
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