Don’t tell me your family isn’t worth the cost of coffee…

It’s true! It can be as little as your monthly cost of coffee…

life in·sur·ance
ˈlīf inˌSHo͝orəns/
noun: life insurance
  1. insurance that pays out a sum of money either on the death of the insured person or after a set period.
Auto insurance and health insurance are mandatory policies every household must have. However, would you deny that they are necessary?
While life insurance isn’t mandatory, how do you feel about it? Do you think it’s important?
1. Do you have debt?
2. Do you have property?
3. Do you have family that you love?
4. Would loved ones be financially strapped if you weren’t here tomorrow?
If you answered “yes” to even one of the above you should have life insurance. Life insurance is mortgage protection, it is family protection. Life insurance is what continues protecting your family, long after you can’t.
It’s not a fun subject, but it is a necessary one.
Now, for the good stuff! Life insurance can actually EARN you $$$. There are options for life insurance that actually accrue up to a 12% interest rate, inevitably growing your money for your retirement. (Better yet, its not taxed $$)
Oh! The good continues, life insurance can save you money on your monthly auto insurance expenses.
PLUS, there are so many options available. There are even policies that can cost you less than your monthly coffee bill. Ask yourself this, is your family’s well-being and security worth the cost of a cup of joe? If the answer is yes, then we need to talk about options and find a policy that is practical for you.
I know your family wants you with them, life is unpredictable, and the most you can do for them is make sure you leave them with a peace of mind.

FLOOD, what you NEED to know.

What do you do?


Flooding a word that California hasn’t used in almost a decade with the drought. Is flood even still in the English dictionary? Or did it get removed due to lack of use? Well…it’s here again, and as vigilant as ever. Water is a force of nature, it’s all consuming, it can creep into every nook and cranny, water can hide in places you can’t see and silently cause damage…water can be both friend and foe. So what do we do about it?


We can prepare ourselves…

What does that mean?

Just because you aren’t in a “flood zone” doesn’t mean flood insurance isn’t for you.

Your normal homeowners insurance does not cover you for flooding, some areas are required to carry flood insurance due to the increased likelihood of floods occurring.


For instance, in the Sacramento area most of Natamos (if not all) is generally mandated by their mortgage company to carry flood insurance.

Flood insurance insures your home and personal property for reimbursement to the insured in the event of a flood brought on by pools of water caused by rainfall, levies breaking causing flash flooding, or in the Oroville (and further South) area erosion to dams/spillways causing flash flooding from rivers (other instances as well).

Flood insurance is very different from auto and homeowners insurance. When you decide that flood coverage is important to you and you work with an agent to comprise a policy, your flood insurance doesn’t take effect for thirty (30) days following payment of the policy (there is a 30 day hold/delay period). This isn’t something you can do when you see the tidal wave of water divulging your cul-de-sac.

What to do…BE PREPARED


Let’s think about this. Water causes erosion in the earth. Our levies, dams, roads, etc. are built over sewers, budding up against water systems (rivers, oceans, streams, etc.) that overtime erode and it’s a matter of time before those manmade surfaces fall out from underneath us. Hence, the sinkholes we’ve been experiencing in Southern California.

Sinkhold So Cal..jpg
This type of incident would not be covered by flood insurance. This is covered by your auto insurance if you have comprehensive and collision coverage endorsed.

It’s a wonderful thing that we are no longer in a drought. Hey! Maybe our water bills will finally decrease! When one door closes, another opens, and for the time being we need to be aware of the potential devastation flash flooding, and other forms of pooling water can cause. There are not always ways to stop things from happening…but there are ways to be prepared for them. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to see what flood insurance can do for you contact me today, before it’s too late.


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All the hideous things…

Phantom Falls.jpg

In today’s world you turn on the television, listen to the radio, scroll though Facebook, Instagram, read the headlines on your favorite news station…etc. and there are so many hideous events, things and words out in this world. From the most recent gun shooting, to political changes, to natural disasters. Sometimes you just need to see something beautiful. This photo was taken near Oroville, CA, where currently so many people are stressed, frightened, and unsure of what the foreseeable future may hold for their homes. While not much can diminish those emotions, sometimes it’s a good thing to soak in the beauty, taking a few moments each, and every day to relinquish some of that stress and enjoy the things in front of you.

Now, something that may lift some of the burden from your shoulders is the sense of confidence that you have in your insurance advocate. Do you have an advocate? Do you rely on a professional to protect your assets? You should…but not many do. MOST people don’t have the proper insurance coverage, and in the event of catastrophic events could be at a loss…and not just for words.

There are options out there to protect your financial status, your assets, your well-being, and your sanity. You just need to talk to the right person, who understand your needs, and can tailor coverage to your lifestyle. I can’t prevent accidents, catastrophes, shootings, political disagreements, natural disasters, etc.; but I can protect you from losing everything, I can guarantee you that in the instance of a covered loss we return you to the same financial place you were in…I can GIVE you SECURITY.

Let go of the burden, let yourself be free to see the BEAUTY and let me take care of the rest….



President’s Day…Let’s Take a Minute


Let’s take a minute to reflect on the great, to reflect on being great, to reflect on becoming great. Walking backward will never bring you to a new place, you will simply live the same experience, see the same places, speak the same conversations, and stay stagnant within. This year has been a controversial year in politics. Let’s not focus today on the negative, but let’s focus on moving forward, as slow as need be, nevertheless forward and conquering new things, enjoying new experiences, being great, becoming great, and never being less than great.

We don’t get to relive a day twice, so why ponder the thought of enjoying life? What if your life is now, today? What if tomorrow really never comes?

Secure your family’s life, speak to an insurance advocate that can advise you in a manner that will protect your assets, and your family’s well-being. Then get out there, stress free and live your life. Drive to a new place, explore new areas, try new foods…LIVE.

“…walk slowly, but…never walk backward.” – Abraham Lincoln


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