Reviews From Current Customers


“We have been client’s of Jill’s for well over a year now.  We had been with our previous insurance company for 15 years.  She was able to get our rates down and increased our home coverage so we would not get stuck in case of an emergency.  With the savings in some policies and increased coverage our overall insurance costs still remained the same.  It was the best decision we have made for our family and assets.  We also purchased a LIFE INSURANCE policy for our son as well.  The money in the policy can be used for our son’s college fund when we get there if needed 😉
Last year my husband was in a high speed rollover accident when he hit black ice.  Jillian expedited the claim, followed it through the whole process and made it painless.  Everyone at Farmers was very professional and helpful.  I have never had an agent who starts your claim (instead of giving you the number), walks you through every step, and makes calls and follows up with the Insurance Company so I didn’t have to wait on hold during my busy day.  I highly recommend Jillian for all insurance needs.  Auto, Home, Life, Health… :)”


“I am very pleased with Jillian Lague Agency providing my insurance needs. She’s very friendly, knowledgeable, flexible and very genuine. If you’re in need of insurance whether it’s medical, life, auto or home then she’s the one you need to contact. She gave me a breath of knowledge which has helped me decide on the best coverage that fit my needs.

I had no idea that a vast percentage of people are driving around with basically no coverage and to think at one point I was one of them too! Purchasing the right insurance is an investment as well as a source of protection for your family!”


“Jill is wonderful to work with. She always takes her time and answers all of my questions (even the ones that I am sure I have already asked) and she does so happily. She never tries to upsell me and she is not pushy. What I appreciate the most about Jill is that she always makes me feel like I am the most important person to her and everything else can wait. I have not seen an agent like her anywhere else.”


“Jill is not only a great agent, but a solid small business owner as well. She has proven herself to be a quality member of her community and has provided local employment to the area through staffing her insurance agency. Her professional experience, care, and diligent review guarantees she will help you with your insurance buying strategy. You won’t spend money on areas of insurance you don’t really need and she will show you where to invest your insurance premiums into coverages that will safeguard you from financial ruin. A true customer advocate as an insurance professional and risk manager. Preserve your assets with Jill as your agent!”

“Thank you…you were kind…keep it up.”


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