Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day is one day out of the year that we all acknowledge our mom’s, grandmothers, and other motherly figures in our lives. We give praise and thanks for all the selfless efforts they have shown us throughout the years. The truth is, the job of a mother never ends. It continues throughout the life of the mother. It’s a long, tireless, selfless, and sometimes underappreciated job. One day a year we set aside to devote to our moms, we must make it one that counts!

Take a moment on Sunday, and perhaps a few moments each and every week, and thank your mom. Acknowledge their efforts, their love, and their sacrifices. While they did everything because they loved you, wanted you in their lives, it makes it all worthy for their love to be recognized.

Moms, congratulations on a job well done, to raising people you want to actually spend time with as adults 😉

Cheers to moms, cheers to your kids, and cheers to families all around the globe.

Moms, keep it up, women are pillars of strength, power, and compassion. Our lives are undoubtedly better because of you.

Everyday protect your loved ones, protect your families, and make sure your insurance coverage is accurate for your family. A mother’s job is never done, make sure your kids are protected. Talk to them about life insurance, talk to them about auto liability. It’s important, and it will keep them safe from financial ruin.

International Women’s Day

Due to a crazy schedule I wasn’t able to highlight yesterday’s recognition of women. Today I wanted to put aside insurance talk and applaud women, women all around, women in all types of occupations, women throughout our lives, and the women who have touched our lives individually. You’re all amazing, and deserve the recognition of being so.

International Women’s Day is a day set aside to recognize accomplishment, growth, courage, greatness, beauty, intelligence, strength, it is a day to acknowledge everyday women who play inspirational roles in our communities, our country, and our lives.

This may be a bit belated, but just like any other holiday, it’s never too late to encourage, and to give respect to those who have inspired you, cared for you, and encouraged you to be great.

Mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, teachers, employers, employees, fellow colleagues, community members, and many more have played a role in my life. I won’t name any names, but to highlight a few milestones that have shaped my life today:

A mother who encouraged strong-will, who embodied self-sufficiency, and independence, who encouraged, and who was a remarkable role model has helped mold my path throughout my young life, through my education, the skills I was given taught me how to be a life-long learner, how to be strong-willed and excel in creating and accomplishing a goal, and how to be a better person each and every day.

A sister who encouraged you, protected, and inspired you. A sister you called a friend that taught you important life lessons, found time to have fun with, and create memories that would follow you throughout your life.

A teacher encouraged understanding and appreciation for literature, to find truth within it, and to relate to it as a person. Literature helped pave the path of my understanding of other people, how to communicate to others, work with others, and respect others. Literature put emotions and feelings on paper and developed characters that embodied real situations that have only provoked my ability to succeed in my goals.

A friend who just knowing they are out there in the world somewhere makes things all the better, because you know there is a strong woman who has your side.

A colleague who has worked with you, assisted you, helped you succeed.

A community member that inspired you to do great things.

These are the women that we should acknowledge yesterday, today, and everyday.

Take a look around you, is there a woman who has brightened your day? Who has lifted you up? Is there a woman that comes to mind that is selfless, and always puts others first?

Take a moment, give her thanks, call her, appreciate her.

Kudos to the women, all the women, who encourage, build up, and continue to make differences in their families, communities, personal circles, and country.

Let’s keep encouraging each other, let’s keep inspiring, let’s keep creating…

Let’s be Rosie…a pillar, a symbol, a show of strength and unity.